The Top Motivational Speakers in Australia – A Complete Guide

There’s a reason why commencement addresses, keynote speeches and TED talks are amongst the most popular videos on YouTube. People love a great story and a message to think about – making motivational speakers a foolproof choice for event entertainment. Here are some of the top motivational speakers in Australia, all available to book through RUSH entertainment.


Celebrity Speakers Everyone Knows

If you’re pulling out all the stops at your next event, any one of these celebrity speakers will make the night absolutely unforgettable.


Sir Richard Branson

British entrepreneur Sir Richard Branson has certainly made a name for himself as the owner of the Virgin Group. An avid philanthropist and author of multiple best-selling titles, Branson is a beloved celebrity speaker across the globe.


Graham Norton

Irish television presenter Graham Norton has hosted every celebrity under the sun on his five-time BAFTA TV award winning The Graham Norton Show. His quick-wit and natural flair for conversation makes him a brilliant celebrity speaker.


Hamish & Andy

Hamish & Andy are the best friends everyone wishes they had, stirring up trouble on their incredibly popular radio show and host of successful TV pursuits. The crowd at your event will go wild seeing these Aussie household names stop by.


Bear Grylls

Bear Grylls rose to fame as an adventurer and lead star of the show Man vs. Wild in 2006. Bear is sure to take you on a journey of massive proportions as he cites tales of conquering Mount Everest and wrestling alligators.



Funny Motivational Speakers

Wanting to maintain a lighthearted, good-spirited atmosphere? Nothing will break the ice quite as well as a good laugh from one of these funny motivational speakers.


Tom Gleeson

Whether you’ve seen him on the 7PM project, Thank God You’re Here, Good News Week or the Melbourne International Comedy Festival Gala, Tom Gleeson would’ve had you laughing your head off.


Kitty Flanagan

Kitty Flanagan is witty, engaging and downright hilarious. Known for her brilliant stand up shows and appearances on Spicks & Specks and the 7PM Project, Flanagan is paving the way for female comedians in Australia.


Rove McManus

Rove will forever be one of Australia’s favourite television hosts. His talents as a comedian and personality shine through in his pursuits as a celebrity speaker.


John Cleese

Comedian John Cleese is most famous for his work with the comedy group Monty Python, and for the adored British television show Fawlty Towers. With his unmatched comedic talent and distinctive British accent, John Cleese is set to make your event truly unforgettable.



Inspirational Speakers with a Great Story

Often the best way to inspire change and action is to hear stories from people who have already done it. Each of these inspirational speakers has a phenomenal story to share.


Sire Ranulph Fines

Sire Ranulph Fines was described by the Guiness Book of Records as “the world’s greatest living explorer”. His brave expeditions across the Earth have raised over 14 million pounds for UK charities.


Carrie Bickmore

When Carrie Bickmore’s husband was diagnosed with terminal brain cancer when she was in her twenties, her life was changed forever. But this truly inspirational woman has forged an incredible career and raised over $1.2 million for brain cancer charities.


Anh Do

Although Anh Do is known for his work as a comedian and television personality, he also has an incredible life story which he described in his memoir ‘The Happiest Refugee.’ Do tells a story of growing up in Australia as an outsider and tackles topics like war, escape, courage, racism, tragedy, love and hope.


Lisa Wilkinson

While many of us know her as one of our favourite television hosts, Lisa Wilkinson is a woman of many talents. She began her career at the magazine Dolly, where she became their youngest ever editor at just 21. She later became International Editor-In-Chief of Cleo before directing her immense drive to television.



Female Motivational Speakers

If you’re after a real-life Superwoman to inspire your audience, look no further than these leading ladies.


Sonia Kruger

Sonia Kruger, host of Mornings and former co-host of Dancing with the Stars is a favourite on Australian television screens. Her bubbly, optimistic personality shines through in every one of her appearances, making her a great choice amongst many talented female motivational speakers.


Megan Gale

Megan Gale is an Australian model, brand ambassador, fashion designer and actress. Representing L’Oreal Paris, as well as The Red Cross and Kids Help Line, Megan Gale is a fantastic choice to inspire your audience.


Shelley Craft

Best known for Australia’s Funniest Home Videos and The Block, Shelley Craft will be a familiar face for everyone at an event. A natural communicator – Shelley will craft the perfect message for your audience.


Sandra Sully

Sandra Sully is an Australian journalist and news presented with an impressive list of career achievements. As the the first female to co-host The Melbourne Cup, Sandra is certainly an inspiration to all women.



Business Motivational Speakers

For corporate functions and business events, these business motivational speakers will give your guests plenty to think about.


Robyn Moore

While Robyn Moore isn’t best known for her accomplishments in business, she is an expert in tailoring messages to specific companies and their vision. Robyn is a true talent when it comes to realigning audiences with their goals, reinventing attitudes and regenerating passion and enthusiasm.


Sir Richard Branson

Although he was mentioned earlier, no list of business motivational speakers could be complete without Sir Richard Branson. Founder of the Virgin Group, which controls over 400 businesses, nobody is more qualified than Branson to deliver business advice.


Jennifer Hawkins

Most audiences would know Jennifer Hawkins for her title of Miss Universe and brand ambassadorship with Myer, but Hawkins is also an incredibly successful businesswoman. Founder of J Bronze, Cosi and Sesion Tequila – Hawkins is an inspiration to anyone in business.


Want to Hire Motivational Speakers?

If you want to get started on booking a motivational speaker for your next event, please get in touch with the RUSH team. Because the incredible people listed above have very busy schedules, we’d recommend booking as soon as possible. Didn’t see the name you were looking for? Here’s a complete list of motivational speakers we represent.