Vocal Rush

Mission StatementWe are passionate about helping individuals find and free their natural voice. Through this process we are encouraging a sense of community celebrating all cultures for the purpose of creating an impact on the world around us.

Vocal RUSH is more than a vocal workshop. With a strong commitment to the creative process we understand that the journey to finding your voice is just as paramount as the destination.

A fresh cutting edge approach where the spoken word and song come together to create one voice.

  • A strong emphasis on good vocal technique
  • Voice body connection / breathing, tone and presence

Vocal Rush will help you discover your natural voice by focusing on:

  • Breathing
  • Resonance
  • Harmony
  • Blending
  • Performance Delivery

A balance of knowing who you are and your voice as an extension of you.

While the participants embrace their unique individual sound they are encouraged to blend with other voices

Participants are empowered to use their voice as a powerful tool for communication in the world.

Vocal RUSH utilises a holistic approach to expression, ensuring your voice is nurtured in a fun and relaxed atmosphere.

The human voice is limitless; it is a flexible, powerful and inspiring tool that everyone can obtain, no matter what their past experiences have been. Here at Vocal RUSH we believe that owning YOUR VOICE and full vocal expression is the vehicle to the OPEN FREEWAY of your LIFE!

Liberating this amazing musical instrument that lies deep inside all of us: YOUR VOICE!

Leah Rush

Leah holds a strong presence in the Australian creative arts industry and is passionate about using the voice as a powerful tool for education, communication, community and cultural experiences. Her experience is extensive in both theoretical and practical. Leah has tertiary qualifications from Queensland University of Technology (QUT) with studies in a Bachelor of Arts Drama/Music and Postgraduate studies in Vocal Pedagodgy, Performance and Production Direction, Education, Arts Administration and Events Management.

Leah is the founder, Director and face of the successful events and entertainment company RUSH Entertainment, part of The RUSH Group, providing end-to-end event planning, entertainment and full production direction to the Australian and global corporate industry. With a strong background in performance, Leah has travelled the world singing in a variety of settings as a jazz/soul singer and continues to work as a live and studio session singer.

Leah has run and directed a variety of vocal workshops in schools, privately and as part of corporate company team building and is excited to be teaming with her co-director Angie Nayaran to create this unique, fun filled vocal workshop that she believes will truly.. excite.. inspire.. motivate and celebrate.. the power of the voice.

Angie Narayan

Angie is no stranger to the Australian music industry. With well over a decade of singing professionally she has shared the stage with artists such as Brian McKnight, Human Nature, Vanessa Amorossi, Christine Anu and Renee Geyer, to name a few.

Dubbed as Australia’s ‘Soul Mama’ on Australian Idol by the most critical of judges, Ian Dickinson, that title has not left her since.  Angie shook the show with her powerful performances leaving viewers and industry greats speechless.

Angie has a natural vibrant spirit and positivity which she shares with those around her. She has used her position and ability to touch people through music by utilising the most powerful tool she knows: the human voice.

Angie currently resides in Brisbane, Queensland as a creative arts director and is founder and Director of ‘Creative Edge’, an artist development program for up-and-coming new talent. Her undying passion to raise up the next generation of young singers, songwriters and musicians is second to none.


For any enquiries regarding Vocal Rush contact admin@rushentertainment.com.au