Brisbane Wedding Singers For Your Ceremony

Your ceremony is often the most cherished moment of your wedding day, from walking down the aisle, to your first kiss as a married couple. Here at RUSH, we understand that music plays a key part in creating a memorable and romantic atmosphere. When looking to hire Brisbane wedding singers for your ceremony, there’s a lot to consider before making your final decision.

Here are some questions to ask yourself when making your selection.


Where Will Your Ceremony Be?

Indoors or outdoors? A religious institute or a hotel? The location can often guide you to find the right Brisbane wedding singers for your ceremony.

If you are looking at hiring a performer for an outdoor wedding ceremony, you might want to consider the availability of power outlets, the use of instruments and even the possibility of noise restrictions. For instance, you might want to rule out any Brisbane wedding singers who use a grand piano if there’s not one on site. You might also want to think about if your chosen entertainment can be heard over the sounds of nature, particularly if it’s a windy day.

Perhaps you are getting married in a chapel. What instruments complement the acoustics of the venue? It’s important to know what does and does not work in the space before making your decision.


What is the Style of Your Ceremony?


From traditional to non-religious, to intercultural and humanist, the options are endless when it comes to the style of your wedding ceremony. In fact, you can be as creative as you want! Once you know the style of your ceremony, we recommend finding Brisbane wedding singers with a repertoire that suits the style of your ceremony.


What Songs Do You Require From Your Chosen Brisbane Wedding Singers?


There are many phases of a wedding ceremony that require musical accompaniment. Depending on how you format your ceremony, you may wish to consider different types of music from your Brisbane wedding singers for the following:

1. The Prelude (As guests arrive, your singers help set the mood)

2. The Processional (You might want to consider two musical pieces as the bridal party and Bride walk down the aisle)

3. The Signing (It’s official paperwork time with the signing of your marriage license)

4. The Recessional (The newlywed couple makes their way back down the aisle, perhaps to their favourite song)

Within these phases, do you have an idea of what songs you would like to hear? It is important to know the structure of the ceremony as well as your ideal song list before selecting a singer.


Want To Find Brisbane Wedding Singers For Your Ceremony?

Rush Entertainment offers a variety of Brisbane wedding singers to make your day special. If you need help finding the perfect entertainment option for your ceremony, browse our list of wedding ceremony entertainers, or contact us to speak to one our team members.

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