The Top 5 Corporate Entertainment Trends of 2018

Tasked with organising a corporate event this year? Impressing guests at corporate functions can be a tough gig, but ever so rewarding when done well. To give you a helping hand, the event experts at RUSH entertainment have put together a list of our top 5 corporate entertainment trends we’re expecting to see in 2018.


Interactive Elements

No longer are event attendees happy to sit idle in the background. They want an immersive, engaging experience where they can meet people and get involved. Perhaps you’ll let event attendees create their own avatar when they buy tickets, that you’ll print onto their name badge for the day. Or maybe you’ll facilitate a real-time survey between and during speeches to guage what the audience is interested in. The below video by Glisser shows how this can work.


Foodie Delights

Stock standard catering platters? No thank you. Australia’s food industry is booming, and if there’s one thing that almost every Aussie is passionate about, it’s food. So, the best events of 2018 will make food a priority by surprising their guests with creative foodie delights. Unexpected food combinations and presentations will get your guests talking and foster the all-important buzz that can make or break an event.


A Focus on Social

A recent survey by Eventbrite revealed that more than half (53%) of young Australians have attended events so they have something to share on social media. And did you know that ‘event hashtag creator’ is now an actual full-time gig? Jump on board the social train this year by dreaming up a witty event hashtag, setting up a visually impressive photo wall and creating a custom geofilter on Snapchat.


Stunning Interiors

Speaking of visually impressive photo walls, don’t stop at just one, and don’t let walls be your limit. Pick a clear theme for your event, and intertwine it through as much of your event space as you can.

Custom balloon installations and plenty of flowers/greenery are the interior trends of the minute, but if a particular trend doesn’t suit your theme, don’t feel pressured to use it. As long as you’re making an effort to jazz up typically dull corporate event spaces, and your vision is cohesive, you’re on the right track. Chat to an experienced event planner if you’re struggling to conjure up ideas.


Local Touches

Something that can really make an event stand out are subtle nods to the city or town it’s located in. For Melbourne corporate entertainment, perhaps you could set up a coffee pop-up that showcases the best coffee blends of the city. Or if you’re entertaining somewhere coastal, local seafood dished up by a popular nearby restaurant would go down a treat with guests. Locals will love to see their hometown shine, and travelling guests will relish experiencing the best of their stop-off destination.


Need Help Planning an Event?

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