Corporate Entertainment Ideas For Your Next Event

You’ve been put in charge of planning the next work event, and you need to come up with some new corporate entertainment ideas.

Firstly it needs to be entertainment that all guests will enjoy. That includes important clients, staff and management.

Secondly, it needs to come within budget.

And thirdly, the entertainment needs to align with the company’s brand, event objectives, and event theme.

Whether it’s for a large corporate conference or an intimate dinner, your first time planning the event or something you do every year, we can help. We list below some popular corporate entertainment ideas and tips for ensuring the entertainment you choose fits the brief.


Live Band

A live band is a sure thing when it comes to making an impact and getting attendees on their feet. From three-piece cover bands to a ten-piece jazz outfit, the key is getting the size and sound of the band right for the number of guests and size of the space. A  big band is going to really impress your guests, but for a small room with no more than 30 or 40 attendees, it may completely overwhelm them.

Same goes for type of music. You need to consider what your guests tastes are, and your event objectives. Want people on the dance floor? You might go for a jazz or covers band. Want a more relaxed vibe? An acoustic set or soul band may be more suitable.  If you’re unsure of the size of the band you require for the size of your event and space, speak to the Rush team who can make recommendations and suggest corporate event ideas to suit.


Need some corporate entertainment ideas for particularly sophisticated events? Strings add an element of elegance to all functions. Rush Strings are accomplished musicians who have performed with the Symphony Orchestra, as well as other notable musicians including Celine Dion, Andrea Bocelli and even Kanye West. While most request classical music, they have a diverse repertoire and can play many different types.

Specialty Acts

After corporate event ideas that are a little more unique? A specialty act may be just what your event requires. Specialty acts can be many things, including magicians, impersonators, dance groups or even contortionists.  They’re often unexpected, and can be an incredibly impactful and memorable way to launch a creative company or venture, open a bar or really wow potential new clients. Rush manages a wide array of specialty acts, and can recommend based on past events what type of act could be perfect for your type of event.



A DJ may not be one of the first thing you think of when looking for corporate event ideas, but they can be a great addition to many functions. DJs are often an affordable option, making them ideal for product launches, smaller event activations, and audiences with a younger demographic. You generally have more control over the music played, and you only need space for them and their decks and speakers. Many of our DJs have additional talents they offer as part of their DJ services, including playing musical instruments or fulfilling MC duties.


Celebrity Speakers

Looking for corporate entertainment ideas to inspire? A celebrity speaker can be a great way to inspire or motivate staff or guests, with speakers from a variety of backgrounds and professions available. A comedian, sports star, journalist or business person will add authority to your corporate event, whether there as a speaker or a host, and can provide interesting insight into a particular field, or share their inspirational real-life stories.


Major Touring Artists

And last but definitely not least of our corporate entertainment ideas: major touring artists. This requires a much bigger budget than say that required for a DJ, however engaging the services of a big national or international artist will impress even the most discerning clients. Rush manages home-grown stars including Tina Arena, Kylie Minogue, Jimmy Barnes, Conrad Sewell and many more. From international shores, Rush can organise the likes of Ed Sheeran, Jessie J, John Legend and Bruno Mars (just to name a few).


Need Assistance With Corporate Entertainment Ideas For Your Event?

Rush are leaders in end-to-end creative event management. Rather than just booking the performers for you and leaving you to your own devices, Rush can assist with many elements key to your event such as A/V and staging, theming, creative direction, branding and event management. Get in touch with the Rush team to find out more about entertainment sure to impress at your next function.