DJ Havana Brown

Havana Brown is a modern-day renaissance woman. Since she went supernova with her first single as a pop artist, the already phenomenally successful DJ has steadily taken over the charts as well as the clubs.

She has toured the world from Tokyo, to Paris to Miami and everywhere in between. She’s supported the likes of Britney, Gaga and Rihanna, has almost half a million Facebook followers and her own billboard in Times Square. All this before her first album.

For Havana, music is all about having a sixth sense for what’s trending, and she chooses to evolve before her work gets a chance to become stale. “I’m feeling really confident that this album will make people feel happy and want to dance,” she says. “And then it will be time to try something different.” With everything she touches turning to platinum, Havana Brown is truly living the dream.

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