English Gents

International act based in the UK Denis Lock and Hamish McCann are two delightfully devilish and cordial –English” gentlemen who perform inconceivable feats of acrobatic skill, strength and balance, whilst casually puffing a pipe, reading the newspaper and sporting the stiffest of British upper lips. The act mixes their highly skilled feats with a dry English wit, unexpectedly climaxing with the two hilariously baring near-all for Queen and country and in the process displaying more pure sex appeal than ever before seen under a bowler hat. The English Gents have delighted audiences all over the world with their highly skilled mix of acrobatics and hilarious physical comedy. They are the current Street Performing World Champions and have been starring in the smash-hit variety show La Soiree since 2007 garnering rave reviews from sell-out seasons in London, Paris, New York, Edinburgh, Montreal and throughout Australia.

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