Michael Buble

Michael Buble is a Grammy award-winning Canadian singer and actor. At the age of around 16, Michael began singing in nightclubs, encouraged by his Italian grandfather. His grandfather was a plumber and offered his plumbing services in return for his grandson’s stage time. Michael Buble’s big break came when an aide to the Canadian Prime Minister, Brian Mulroney, saw Michael perform at a business event. The aide, Michael McSweeney, then asked Michael Buble to perform at his daughter’s wedding, where he sang songs by Bobby Darin, among others. Whilst at the wedding, he was introduced to David Foster, a record producer who had previously worked with Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston and Barbra Streisand. When David Foster agreed to produce Michael’s debut official album release, Bruce Allen also agreed to manage him (Allen had previously managed Bryan Adams and Martina McBride). Michael Buble gone onto great success and adulation with a series of successful albums, DVDs, live shows and acting appearances.

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