Guy Sebastian

Guy Sebastian, as many Australians would know, won the first series of Australian Idol. He has subsequently released three albums – Just As I Am, Beautiful Life and Closer To The Sun – and all have gone platinum or multi-platinum. As Guy continues to evolve as an artist, the young singer has found a perfect creative space with The Memphis Album. “This has been a musically emotional journey for me because I have found the musical DNA that I need to stick with,” Guy says. With a very clear idea of the album he wanted to make, Guy Sebastian packed his bags and flew to the United States, spending time in Los Angeles and New York working with some of the industry’s biggest names. But it was in the soul music capital of Memphis that this album came together. Guy has included just one original track on The Memphis Album in the form of I’d Like To Get To Know You. He wrote the song a couple of years ago but it didn’t fit on any of his previous albums. Even though it’s a new song, it has the perfect soul feel.

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